Interesting Benefits of Walking Barefoot

A Modern Approach to Weight Loss and Weight Control Through Diet and Lifestyle

A master plan for losing weight, idealizing body shape, and living well in the modern complex world. How to diet and lose weight properly, maintain your ideal body shape, improve your daily lifestyle choices, and maximize overall health.

Insulin and Your Health

A healthy body can easily transport blood sugar into its cells. Blood sugar (glucose) is the fuel that literally runs the body. Insulin is a hormone that facilitates the absorption of glucose into the cells of your body. However, too much insulin over too long a period of time can cause cells to become insulin resistant.

How to Stay Fit While You Work

Do you work for long hours in office amidst challenging and stressful situations? Come end of the day and you feel exhausted and burned out for any exercise or workout. To manage all other things in life, often health takes a back seat. Before even you realize, you increase the risk of many serious diseases like hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes etc due to this sedentary lifestyle.

Just How Hard Is Weight Loss After Baby? 3 Shortcuts to Getting It Off and Keeping It Off

Connect with someone who understands the struggle to lose weight after baby arrives. Learn three (3) quick and easy ways to begin changing your habits that will get you started on the right track to long term weight loss and maintenance.

Coffee and Its Wonderful Discovery: Green Coffee Bean Extract

New research has shown that the raw beans of one of the most popular drinks, coffee may have more benefits than just a good drink to wake you up in the morning! Green Coffee Bean Extract is taking the diet supplement market by storm, why? Because it works.

Carbohydrates – The Good and The Bad for Healthy Weight Loss

Have you heard about ‘Good’ carbohydrates and ‘Bad’ carbohydrates? I have put this article together to clarify what is good and what is bad, together with some great tips to ensure you get the right amount of ‘Healthy’ fats into your diet. This can help you sustain an eating or diet plan for the long term to stop the weight fluctuations so many people suffer with.

A National Epidemic

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. Just recently scientists reported that there is a small section of the population that they call the healthy obese. Now before you get excited they were quick to point out that this is a very small portion of the population.

3 Reasons Why Hypnosis Can Help With Your Weight Loss

The reasons for being incapable of controlling your weight are usually complex. Very few people are overweight simply because they eat too much. A deeper, emotional cause makes many turn to food for comfort.

Weight Loss Tricks That Work

Want to learn the weight loss tricks that work. It is hard to lose weight, as can be seen by over half the population who is overweight. But even still more than half of people want to lose weight. Then why is it so hard? There is no miracle pill, program or supplement that will help us lose weight fast and effectively. It takes time, determination and motivation. But there are some weight loss tricks that can make the process go by a little bit easier and smoother.

Adiphene, The Weight Loss Wonder Drug?

As it happens, weight loss has become a major industry with gadgets and gizmos, pills and ideas circulating at the speed of light, but one thing remains certain – natural extracts continue to rule the roost. Nature is the biggest laboratory on the planet with abundant ingredients that when mixed together in the right manner can help fight weight issues.

Weight Loss Diet Plans or Diet Fads?

Is a Diet Plan useful or is it just a FAD? We take a look at how weight loss is more effective when you establish a lifestyle eating plan, the foods you should incorporate and those to avoid. These simple tips will help you start to lose belly fat to discover those six pack abs just sitting there waiting to be shown off.

How To Prevent Weight Gain When The Weather Changes

No matter how dedicated you are to your exercise regimen and diet, changes in the weather can affect your mood for eating and exercise. During the rainy season it makes it impossible to enjoy outdoor exercises and this causes you to skip a day or two.

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