Dr. Eric Berg Live Q&A, FRIDAY (July 15) on the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Lose Your Belly For Summer

Now that summer is here, are you worried how you may look in your summer clothes or swimwear at the beach or the park because of your bulging belly? How can you lose your belly fat quickly and safely?

Build Muscle and Lose Fat in Just 20 Minutes a Week

I know, you’ve heard it before: “You can build muscle and lose fat, and it all it takes is 20 minutes a week!” I’m sure there’s an infomercial on right now making the same claim, but the program I’m about to reveal really does deliver. Honest!

Undercover Sugar: What Sugars to Avoid for Weight Loss

You may think your diet is on track, but it may surprise you to find out how many ways food manufacturers hide sugar in your food. Learn how to recognize disguised sugar content, and find out what to reach for instead.

The Lap-Band and Your New Life

If you are one of these excessively overweight people who has tried every diet and exercise program possible to lose weight and has not been able to, then lap-band may be an option for you. However, before you have the surgery performed, it is important to know how much it costs and whether or not your insurance covers it. When you are having your lap-band surgery, there are several things that you need to consider, one of the biggest is the cost of the surgery, which not only includes the procedure itself, but also all the…

The Top 5 Myths and Facts Of Weight Loss Surgery

Sensationalism in the media often distorts facts and myths of weight loss surgery which makes it difficult for prospective patients to make an informed decision. Here are the top 5 myths of weight loss surgery demystified.

How to Design a Successful Weight Loss Strategy

Implementing a weight loss plan can be overwhelming, but remembering a few simple tips can make the process much easier. You should understand that the process will not be easy or quick and will require a great deal of dedication. Additionally, you should strive to eat healthy and exercise, because when the two are done simultaneously, you will be able to lose the pounds and keep them off.

Why Green Bean Coffee Extracts Are Considered Helpful in Losing Weight

Green bean coffee extracts are increasingly sought after by people who are trying to lose weight fast. This product which has recently been introduced is becoming popular among people who consider themselves overweight. What are the reasons behind the popularity of this product?

Losing Weight Is Not Easy Unless People Make a Concerted Effort

Large numbers of Americans are faced with a problem which makes it difficult for them to carry out everyday chores easily. The problem is related to obesity, which is quite common in the country. A number of reasons can be attributed to this condition, which affects millions in America.

Weight Loss Ideas for Women

It’s important to have access to effective and safe weight loss ideas for women. For example, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but have you ever skipped breakfast because you thought that it would help you to lose weight?

The Art of Fitness and Diets

Yes… you read that right, I do consider fitness and diets to be an art. Take the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) as a case in point. The CKD Diet is not your average cookie cutter diet. One size does not fit all and you will surely fail if the proper homework is not done before hand. It involves careful calculations of proteins, fat and carbohydrate intake as well as careful monitoring of these variables on a daily basis. It is far from easy and should not be attempted by the easily distracted individual.

Dieting: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered to yourself, why you are not losing weight, even though you are on a diet? Well the answer is simple. You are doing one of the following: making bad food choices or on a bad diet. Let me explain the two in more detail below.

Sugars That May Help You Reduce Belly Fat

Discusses the role sugar plays in fueling obesity and other common illnesses. Some safe sugars are identified.

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