TURMERIC Is Good for Virtually EVERYTHING!

Turmeric can support all areas of your health. Learn more about the incredible benefits of turmeric.


0:00 Introduction: Is turmeric healthy?
0:28 How to boost the bioavailability of turmeric
2:10 Turmeric benefits
7:42 What is turmeric?

Let’s talk about the incredible potential health benefits of turmeric and how to increase the bioavailability of turmeric.

You can consume organic turmeric or take a supplement. If you want to take a supplement, it’s best to get a turmeric supplement and not just curcumin. Curcumin is only one of many phytonutrients in turmeric. It’s also important that it’s a freeze-dried supplement.

Black pepper or white pepper can help you increase the absorption of turmeric. You can also consume a small amount of fat at the same time for better absorption.

Keep in mind that the phytonutrients in turmeric are heat sensitive, so cooking with turmeric could make them less potent.

The two main areas of research for turmeric are inflammation and cancer. A lot of the direct benefits of turmeric can lead to various other powerful effects, and turmeric also has virtually no side effects.

Potential health benefits of turmeric:
1. It increases glutathione and other antioxidant networks
2. It has potent effects on the brain and nervous system
3. It has powerful effects on the cardiovascular system
4. It’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-candida, antifungal, antiparasitic, and anti-H. pylori
5. It shows great benefits for skin problems
6. It helps protect the liver
7. It helps stimulate phase-2 detoxification
8. It inhibits pro-carcinogens
9. It increases bile salts
10. It supports the gut mucosal lining
11. It helps protect the DNA and supports DNA repair and apoptosis
12. It protects the cells during chemo or radiation therapy and may increase the effectiveness of the treatment
13. It supports the endocrine system
14. It’s a powerful adaptogen

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